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"My Lifelong Sisterhood" by Kailee Atkinson

Hi, I’m Kailee! When I was in high school I was very involved in sports and club, so when I came to UT, I did not expect my place to be in a sorority. Luckily, my older sister was a part of Greek Life and signed me up for recruitment, found friends to write my recommendation letters, and even sent in my resume. Recruitment went by quickly, and I had put on more makeup that week than I did the entire year.

I kept hearing the words, “Just trust the process,” and at the end of the week I understood why. I had just joined a chapter that had changed my entire life, Alpha Xi Delta. I was on my way to meeting my perfect big who encouraged me to get involved and was there for me anytime I needed her. I was on my way to meeting my new best friends, with whom I would make unforgettable memories. And, I was on my way to endless sleepovers, movie nights, and dinner dates with my new sisters.

Alpha Xi Delta introduced this small-town girl to people and places from all over the country. This semester, I flew all the way to New York, without owning a single sweater just to see a beloved sister. While there are great girls in every sorority, Alpha Xi is the most close-knit group of girls I have ever met. Even when I did not live in the chapter house, I could walk in and hang out with any group of girls that were there. Every single one of us has amazing talents and is incredible in their own ways. When I think of Alpha Xi, I think of home. I even find myself calling it home when I go back for holidays.

Even though I have a lot of fantastic memories from my time in the sorority, my favorite is when I met Clare, my big. Our first quill pal date included a night at the 360 Overlook to watch the sunset and have ice cream from Amy’s. I could not have had a better time. I have never met someone so similar to me from so far away. By the end of the night, I knew exactly who I would be putting down for my big. She has become my best friend, and without her I would not be who I am today. I look forward to the new adventures and memories to come. I hope you find a lifelong sisterhood in Alpha Xi just like I did.



PC ‘16

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