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"Yoga and Sisters" by Madi Klein

My name is Madi Klein, and I’m a senior here at the Beta Alpha chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I am so excited to be graduating this fall with a degree in RTF (Radio-Television-Film) and minors in business and 3D/Virtual Reality imaging. I have been doing yoga since my mom dragged me, rather unwillingly I might add, to my first class when I was a sophomore in high school. From there, it was all practice.

Although I am not an official “200 hours certified” instructor, I have been teaching students and working at a local studio for over a year. I've also been teaching classes for sisters at Xi House. I eagerly await the weekly Wednesday class in the chapter room, and I think we all reap the benefits of just a few moments of mindfulness and meditation in our hectic lives. The class is for yogis of all experience levels, from “have never been on the mat” to “handstand queen.” It is mostly a vinyasa flow based class, meaning I synchronize the poses with steady breathing. My favorite moment is seeing all the peaceful faces when I close the class. I like to shake it up and do themes every week so we don’t get too bored, so this week’s theme is empowerment - get ready for some Beyonce! Past themes have included self-love (on Valentine’s Day last year), reflection (a lot of Adele was played) and uplift.

It all started as a one-off class, something I decided to do for fun, but it has come back as a weekly activity by popular demand! I personally love having a tranquil moment with my sisters in the middle of even the most hectic of weeks. We always leave feeling fresh, energized and ready to tackle the rest of the week!

See you on the mat,


PC '14

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