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Ringing in Xi New Year with Alpha Xi

2018 means many things to our Xisters. It’s a year full of exciting new opportunities ranging from exotic studies abroad and travel, cool internships, new roles and leadership positions, as well as new skills and interests to discover throughout the year. It’s a year to build upon old relationships and form new ones. And most importantly it’s yet another year for growth and to follow the Alpha Xi Delta creed in realizing our potential. One way we can achieve this is by forming New Year’s resolutions- and here at Alpha Xi we each have our own individual take on them. Below we invite you to take a peek into some of our own sisters’ funniest, cutest and most important New Year’s resolutions for 2018. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even inspire you to come up with some of your own along the way!

“Spend more time with Lauren Schweers, we definitely don’t spend enough time together as it is.” -Rachel Nutter PC 14

Rachel left and Lauren right. This is for the many that have confused them for each other (the matching outfits p.s. don’t help :/)

“Say YES more often! Get out more! Live life!”- Kate Zipperer PC 16

Kate getting a head start on her New Year’s resolution.

“I’m starting to work as a freelance photographer. This past semester, my photography professor told us that the first 10,000 photos we take are going to be awful. My resolution for 2018 is to embrace that and take as many awful photos as I can... and then learn from them all. Last year’s resolution was to take “good quality” photos, so this year will be a little different from that ;)” -Chelsea Perry PC 15

With ice cream in hand before a John Mayer concert, I think this goes down as a “good quality” pic Chelsea.

“1. Don’t miss a Spurs game (easy, no brainer) 2. Keep an open mind about the new Bachelor, Arie 3. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night (haha who am I kidding) 4. Drink more water 5. Eat healthier (kind of hard when Frank, our house chef, cooks nothing but delicious comfort food but hey E for Effort) -Vanessa Stewart PC 15

*When you hear that Spurs won AND it’s Bachelor Monday* #justvanessathings

“I’m going to start each morning off right by writing three things I’m grateful for and three intentions for the day” -Hannah Przybilla PC 17

Hannah with her cat Fiona- who prefers to go by the name of Princess Fiona and also likes to be all three of the things Hannah is grateful for each day.

“To keep running every day and sign up for every race I possibly can. This year I ran 3 half marathons and my goal in 2018 is to beat my PR time for that event. Also let’s not forget about the most important New Year’s resolution… as a self proclaimed corgi addict I get to finally start a family of my own by adopting one! Stay posted for cute pics to ensue soon :-)”- Karen De La Cruz PC 15

Here’s Karen finishing her half. That’s it. Nothing else that stands out in the pic to comment on.

“Where do I start… I’ve been doing New Year’s resolutions with my family since I was a kid so I’m definitely guilty of being a little bit of a resolution junkie. My first would be to continue practicing self love. I think often times, we’re our own worst critic and not only is that a buzzkill, but you miss out on so many opportunities that way! Second, I’d like to volunteer at a foodbank once a month- I’m a big foodie and I’d like to start giving back that way too! Last but not least, something that will come at no surprise to those who know me, become a well known customer at Cowtipping Creamery because you know we all have our own claims to fame.” -Yumna Khan PC 16

Yumna in her prime doing what she does best- eating. (Cowtipping Creamery unfortunately not pictured)

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