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16 Essentials PNMs Need to Rock Recruitment

Hey PNMs! As summer comes to an end, it’s time to get excited for recruitment and the new semester that lies ahead! You’ll be adjusting to your new classes, scoping out the best food Austin has to offer, and joining the student organizations that will help you grow throughout your college experience. And by starting the recruitment process, you’ll be taking steps towards finding a sisterhood that’s right for you. Recruitment week may seem daunting and overwhelming at times-- trust me, we’ve ALL been there-- but it’s also an awesome experience of self-discovery and a great opportunity to make new friends. We hope you’re as excited as we are because we cannot wait to meet you! But first, you’ll need a few things to get you through the week other than the cute outfits you’ve planned out-- odds and ends that become lifesavers in a pinch. Here’s a list of all the essentials you need to power through recruitment. We’ve got your back, and remember, you’ve got this!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important! Drinking water helps you feel your best throughout recruitment week.

Small Snacks

Make sure to bring a few quick and easy snacks, like granola bars or apple slices, to get you through the day. Avoid anything messy-- things that crumble and stick in your teeth or that melt in the sun.

Handheld Fan

Texas is hot, y’all. And August is one of the most sweltering months of the year. Do yourself a favor and get a fan to keep you cool-- the ones that are battery-powered and can mist water are the most effective, but paper fans are less fuss and more portable.

Handheld Mirror

It’s always important to take a moment and check yourself out in the mirror, especially when you’re dressed to impress! A handheld mirror helps you make the little tweaks and touch-ups that keep you looking and feeling confident each time you step into a house.

Lint Roller

A travel-sized lint roller ensures that your outfit stays pristine for each house. If you are particularly prone to wardrobe malfunctions, a portable sewing kit and a Tide pen are also great additions to your recruitment kit.

Oil Blotters (or Coffee Filters)

The only time it might be helpful for you to dull your shine. Oil blotting sheets (coffee filters are an affordable alternative) help you keep the excess oil off your face. We all love healthy glow, but when we’re feeling a little too shiny, blotters can fix it quickly.


Powder does double duty- it helps soak up any remaining oil on your face and gives you a little coverage where your face might be getting red in the heat. It’s a champion for PNMs everywhere.


Lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss all help to keep your lips hydrated and bring some extra color to your face. It’s a win-win!

Small Hair Brush or Comb

Unruly hair happens to the best of us, but nowhere are those stray strands more annoying than when you’re running around West Campus trying to get to each house looking as polished as possible. Bring a portable brush or comb for quick touch-ups.

Floss Sticks

Getting something stuck in your teeth is always a pain, and it can be distracting to both you and the people you talk to. Floss sticks fix the issue quickly and conveniently. Packing breath mints for those parties that are after lunch also is crucial!

Travel-Size Deodorant

Excessive sweating is pretty much a guarantee for Austin in August. Prepare for the inevitable result of nerves and hot weather with a small deodorant stick.

Notebook and Pen

There are 13 sorority chapters participating in formal recruitment. As you’re moving from house to house during each round, there are bound to be some things you won’t remember about the sororities you visit. Bring a notebook and pen to write down details and notes about who you talked to, what you discussed, and how you felt at each house. You’ll be thankful you can look back on these notes when you go to Chapter Selection at the end of each round.

Comfortable Flats

Trust me, you don’t want to wear those heels all day during recruitment, no matter how cute they may be. Bring along a pair of your most comfortable slip-on flats to walk around between parties.


Even shoes you think are comfortable can cause problems after a full day of wearing them in the heat. Bring along some band-aids to spare yourself the added pain of walking in heels with blistered feet.


Always bring an umbrella along, just in case it starts to rain. You never think you need it until you really do, and Texas weather is unpredictable. You can also use it to shade yourself from the sun.

Your Best Self!

We know it sounds cheesy, but really, being your authentic self will help you join a chapter that will celebrate you for who you really are! If you’re genuine, it shows, and we love to see girls that aren’t afraid to show off their true personalities. You’ll enjoy the recruitment process a lot more if you don’t try to be someone you’re not in hopes of impressing people or getting into the chapter you think you want. We want to connect with the real you, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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