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Texas Alpha Xi Delta requests a minimum of at least one letter of recommendation for potential new members going through recruitment. Letters of support may be submitted in addition to a letter of recommendation. Any Alpha Xi Delta alumna can write a letter of recommendation.

If you are a potential new member and need help finding an alumna in your area please email

Potential new members should provide a transcript, social resume, and three pictures to the alumna writing their letter of recommendation. Please remember to redact any social security numbers on transcripts or test scores. All files must be sent electronically. 

Letters of recommendation must be submitted to Texas Alpha Xi Delta by June 1st, 2022.

Use the electronic form provided here or send in a hard copy to the address below if materials cannot be sent in electronically.  






c/o Membership Vice President

2508 Rio Grande Street

Austin, Texas 78705

Link to the online form: 

Recommendation Form

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