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Meet the Exec: Recruitment VP

Getting to Know You Name and PC: Elaina Johnson, PC' 16 Major: arts and entertainment technologies with an interest in pursuing law Hometown: Montgomery, Texas My PNM Advice is: It is so easy to get stressed during the recruitment process because you’ll be choosing a sisterhood for the rest of your life, but just take a deep breath. Focus on how exciting it is that you are about to find some of your best friends! The best way to do recruitment is to be yourself instead of what you think a PNM should be. All of our sisters are unique, so don’t hesitate to let your individualism shine! A Must Have in a PNM’s Recruitment Bag is:  A mini umbrella! Texas weather is so unpredictable and it’s alway

ISpy: Morgan Nix

Name: Morgan Nix, PC’ 17 Major: athletic training with a minor in business foundations Tell us about your internship? It is a marketing internship for a company called Giorgio Linea. They specialize in leather goods and make belts, bags, jewelry and other accessories for luxury fashion brands like Givenchy, Burberry, Prada and more. I also help with the English version of their website and work on promotions for their products and events! What made you decide to do this? I have always wanted to go to Italy to study abroad! When I saw I could get my marketing credit through this internship, I thought it was a great opportunity and applied right away! What’s something you’ve learned? Never pro

Meet the Exec: Amelia Brown

Getting to Know You Name and PC: Amelia Brown PC' 15 Major: Biochemistry Pre-Med Hometown: San Francisco, California My PNM Advice is: Enjoy the process! I was extremely nervous in the beginning (totally normal) but try to relax and have fun. The more you put yourself out there during recruitment the more you get out of it! My Favorite Workout is: Running My NBA Finals pick is: Warriors (duh) One Thing on my Bucket List is: Go to Bora Bora! My Celebrity Spirit Animal is: Reese Witherspoon Three Things that Make My Day are: Exercise, Cupcakes and William Powell Something Cheesy About me is: I love to listen to Harry Potter audiobooks! A TV Show I Could Live In is: 90210 If I Could Liv

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