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Big Little Duos: Part 2

Name: Hannah Przybilla Little: Mary Franklin How We Met: I knew instantly when I met Mary that I wanted her as my little. She has such a contagious smile and is the type of person who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside with all her bear hugs! My Favorite Personality Trait About Mary Is: Her sense of humor and patience If Mary was a Movie Character She Would Be: Rapunzel from Tangled Her Favorite Food Is: Fried cheese from Pluckers One of My Favorite Memories Together Is: Initiation night when I was extra and tucked her into bed during the chapter sleepover! Mary’s Go To Outfit Is: Anything that involves dressing cuter than me! She always has amazing taste. “In Ten Years I See My Little As…

Big Little Duos: Part 1

Name: Alison Welch Little: Allie Smith How We Met: We went on a Quill Pal date to Halcyon and I knew right away I wanted to be her big because she reminded me of myself! My Favorite Personality Trait About Allie Is: Her kindness and tenacity Allie Would Lose It If She Met: Harry Styles She Could Spend All Her Money On: Concert tickets If Allie Wasn’t Her Intended Career She Would Be: A zoologist because she loves animals! One of my Favorite Memories Together Is: After my last final during the fall semester, we baked cookies and talked for hours! Something That Makes Me Proud About Allie: Allie was part of a freshman research initiative group and did some really cool research on bugs! She als

Blast from the Past: Alum Edition

What does joining a sorority give me? It’s a question many PNMs ask themselves when choosing to go through recruitment, finding which house is the best fit and even afterwards, when seeing how a chapter continues to help them grow. From friendships, philanthropy, involvement and countless sisterhood and social events, a sorority gives you many different experiences. But most importantly, joining a sorority gives you endless memories. As a new member there are memories of Bid Day, meeting your new sisters, Quill Pal Dates, Big Little Reveal, Initiation and the excitement of getting to experience all the sisterhood, philanthropy and chapter wide events for the first time. As an active there’s

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