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Blast from the Past: Alum Edition

   What does joining a sorority give me? It’s a question many PNMs ask themselves when choosing to go through recruitment, finding which house is the best fit and even afterwards, when seeing how a chapter continues to help them grow. From friendships, philanthropy, involvement and countless sisterhood and social events, a sorority gives you many different experiences. But most importantly, joining a sorority gives you endless memories.

   As a new member there are memories of Bid Day, meeting your new sisters, Quill Pal Dates, Big Little Reveal, Initiation and the excitement of getting to experience all the sisterhood, philanthropy and chapter wide events for the first time.

   As an active there’s living in the house, catching up with sisters at dinner before chapter meetings, late night study sessions and Bachelor watch parties, treating your little, getting ready together for chapter events and football games and friendships that turn into a sisterhood as these girls become your family away from home.

   For seniors their final year becomes bittersweet. Every memory starts to become the last time around, and you wish time would just slow down as you sit back and reflect. It is the most rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experience to join a sorority in your college years. And after graduation, it’s weird to picture how your college experience would have been without it. If given the chance, many of us would happily relive the whole thing. In fact, we invited some of our alums to do just that by sharing their favorite memories of their time in Alpha Xi. Keep reading below to find out what they chose as their favorite blast from the past.

   "It’s so hard to choose. I’d want to relive watching movies in Brooke and Gianna’s room. Every minute spent with my littles… and Big/Little Reveal when I got to meet my first grandlittles!" - Julia Eaddy Goodwin PC' 10

   “I have a couple. Our song leader, Christine Price, was so great and made singing a blast! Singing Remember Xi Strings, the Irish Blessing, dinner prayers and serenading fraternities are all fun memories! Then there are the nights we spent talking in the chapter room instead of studying, midnight runs to Mrs. J’s donuts, summer workshop, Sing Song.... and of course, meeting my lifelong friends!” - Kathy Rankin Dorris PC’ 81

   "This is one of many favorite memories: when I was in the chapter, we used to make the tacos for Taco Xi ourselves. The best part was making them the night before and eating the extras on the balcony while talking and laughing through the night surrounded by my best friends." - Audrey Bounds PC' 11

   “Going to see the printed party pics at TOPS on Mondays is one of my favorite memories for sure! I also loved watching TV shows together at the house!” -Nancy Williams PC’ 96

    “There was this one time during work week we had a rave in Abeer’s room using a fog machine and accidentally set off the fire alarm! Another favorite memory is pranking people by hiding a Taylor Lautner Twilight cutout all over the house!” -Meryl Goodwin PC’ 09

   “Living in the house for three years was truly one big slumber party with all of my best friends! Hanging out by the pool, watching Friends and The Golden Girls in the TV room, always having someone to talk to or study with—all while being surrounded by such constant love and support is what I cherish most about my college years at Alpha Xi Delta. I feel so fortunate that I was afforded such an enriching and inspiring experience and it is my hope that all our current and future Alpha Xi Delta sisters at UT will also take advantage of such an amazing opportunity!” - Micaela A. Isler PC’ 91, Alpha Xi Delta National President 2017-2019

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