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A Little Love to Share

Hey everyone!

As big/little week comes to an end with reveal right around the corner, we’ve collected stories from three Beta Alpha girls about why they love their big or little(s). We’re so excited to see how all of our fam’s expand tonight and show our new littles some love!

“I grew up with two sisters, so knowing what to look for in a sisterhood came naturally. I was eager to attend events and to meet new people. I met Abby (MC 18) during recruitment and we immediately hit it off. Once bid day came, Abby and I became inseparable. Eventually, big/little season arrived and even though Abby did her best to throw me off, I knew there wasn’t a better big sister out there for me. Since meeting Abby, she has shown me support and love in so many ways and I am beyond thankful. During the highest highs and lowest lows, Abby has been there for me during the rollercoasters I have faced over the past year, no matter how difficult I was being. Abby is the kind of person who is dedicated to everything that she does, which is why I admire her so much. I hope that I can inspire my future little even half as much as Abby has inspired me. Getting a big like Abby was one of the highlights of my freshman year and here we are a year later, as I am about to become a big myself. I can’t wait to make our family a little bigger, pun intended. TFJ!”

-Natalie Aman, MC ‘19


“I’m so proud to be Anjali and Savannah’s big! It’s been so cool to see how they’ve grown and persevered through challenges over the past year. They have accomplished incredible things and I know they will continue to do so! From Anjali’s success in Texas Mock Trial, to Savannah’s prestigious internship, it’s safe to say that I have two driven, talented women by my side. I’ve had a unique bond with both of them from the beginning, and I’m extremely happy to see that they love each other as much as I love each of them. They are absolutely one of the best parts of my experience in Alpha Xi. As we grow our sisterhood, one of my favorite parts of this semester has been hearing about the new Xis my littles are bonding with. Knowing that they are connecting so well with these new members has made me grateful for the sisterhood that has brought us all together. It has assured me that even though I’ll be ending my time at UT sooner than I may realize, the legacy of true sisterhood will keep going with each generation of our family. I’m beyond excited to see our fam grow and to get to know the amazing young women my littles have chosen!”

-Arden Duhon, MC ‘18


“My littles, Swati and Libby, are the best things that have happened to me during my time so far in Alpha Xi Delta. One of the biggest blessings that Alpha Xi has given me is the ability to grow closer to girls in different new member classes. During my freshman year, my big became one of my best friends and I knew I wanted to be the same for my future little(s). While I was not expecting twins, once I knew who the girls with, I was so excited to take both of them! Swati is my incredibly smart, spontaneous little who is full of life. Not to mention, she was in a televised spelling bee when she was younger– so cool! I aspire to seek out fun the way she does while also being successful. Libby is my fashionable, advice-giving and also incredibly smart little. I can’t help but ask where she gets almost all of her clothes and accessories. I envy how easy it is for her to put pieces together while also looking effortless. Although my littles have different personalities, goals and backgrounds, they are both equally as extraordinary and they bring out the best in me, and in each other, too. Whether we’re at an event, studying, hanging out at the house or getting dinner, whenever I am with them, I truly feel at home. I don’t know what I would do without them and I cannot wait to become a G-Big so we can grow our family even more!”

-Josie Reynolds, MC ‘18


Welcome to your family at Alpha Xi Delta!



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