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Recruitment Day-by-Day Breakdown

Sorority recruitment can be confusing. What should I wear? What should I talk about? What should I expect? The questions are endless, as your exhaustive Google searches may have already proven. But have no fear, Alpha Xi Delta is here to help! We’ve compiled a one-stop blog post to help answer all your burning questions about recruitment. Keep reading below to see our day-by-day breakdown on all things recruitment.

Day 1 and 2: Open House

What to expect: Open House is very casual and gives you the opportunity to meet actives from every house. Expect to be greeted by door chants and to stay in each house for 25 minutes. You will talk to several actives and get your first glimpse of what each chapter is about and the girls’ personalities.

What to wear: Dress code from University Panhellenic is your recruitment shirt (which you will receive during convocation), a pair of khaki shorts and tennis shoes. Cute khaki shorts can be difficult to find, but JCrew, Gap, Forever 21 and Old Navy all have options to choose from. To stand out, you can accessorize with a cute belt, watch or dainty jewelry. Last year during this round, I met a PNM who designed her own jewelry, which I learned after complimenting her necklace. It was a great conversation starter and made her memorable! So, if you have a stand out accessory, wear it- you never know what conversation it could lead to!

Conversation Starters: Think of Open House as an ice breaker round. Talk about where you’re from, what you like to do for fun, anything you did over the summer, what you’re looking forward to at UT, any activities you want to get involved in, why you wanted to go Greek… the opportunities are endless! And make sure to ask actives questions, too. We want you to get to know us just as much as we want to get to know you!

Day 3 and 4: Philanthropy

What to expect: At 35 minutes each, philanthropy round is slightly longer, and you will have fewer houses to visit than during Open House. You will learn about each chapter’s national philanthropy and local service events through different activities and presentations.

What to wear: Ditch the khakis for daytime dresses and either cute sandals, wedges or heels. If you decide to wear heels, remember to bring flip flops to change into when you’re walking to and from houses. Although you won’t walk as much as Open House, you will still be on your feet a lot! Trust me, your feet will thank you at the end of the day!

Conversation Starters: Bring up any past volunteer experience you’ve had, especially anything you were involved in during high school. Ask about different chapter roles you might be interested in, even if it’s not directly related to philanthropy. If you feel passionate or have special ties to a chapter’s philanthropy, also bring it up! We love to hear enthusiasm and see a PNM interested in getting involved during her time here in the chapter.

Day 5: Sisterhood

What to expect: You will visit fewer houses and you get a deeper look into everything the sisterhood of each chapter encompasses. From social events and activities held throughout the year, chapter values and academics, each chapter will showcase its sisterhood differently to show its unique personality!

What to wear: This round is dressier than the previous days. Instead of dresses you’d wear to lunch, think dresses you’d wear for a nice dinner, wedding or graduation. Wearing wedges or heels instead of sandals can help elevate your look. Block heels are trendy right now and an awesome cheat for comfortable heels.

Conversation Starters: Ask an active about some of her favorite things to do with her sisters, or if you have any hobbies, ask if there are other girls in the chapter who share similar interests. Each chapter also has sisterhood events, so be sure to ask about them. These questions give you a glimpse into what sisterhood looks like at that chapter and whether it is a good fit for you.

Day 6: Preference Round

What to expect: This is the most formal day and lasts an hour for each chapter. This is your last chance to interact with actives before final ranking takes place. You will get a deeper look into what being in each chapter is about through different ceremonies at each house.

What to wear: Grab your favorite little black cocktail dress and heels!

Conversation Starters: No special conversation tips for this one, instead focus on taking it all in. Look around the room, as some of these girls could be your new sisters. Let the conversation flow naturally and see where you feel the most comfortable.

Day 7: Bid Day

You made it! Recruitment is over and now some of the best times in your college experience can begin. Choose your favorite sundress to take tons of pictures with your new sisters and friends.

Alpha Xi’s Ideas on Where to Dress Shop



Red Dress Boutique

Dainty Hooligan




Free People

Urban Outfitters

Forever 21

*If you’re into thrift shops feel free to find some cool, unique pieces there also. It can be a great conversation point.  

What to bring in your recruitment bag (which you will receive during convocation)

A pocket umbrella (it rains every year at least once during recruitment)

A portable fan (it will keep you cool and your makeup sweat free)

Makeup setting spray

Compact mirror and makeup for touch ups

Travel size hair brush

Dry shampoo (just in case, for those extra hot days)


Mints or gum

Flip Flops

A notebook and pen (Each house can seem like a blur when it’s time for ranking. Jotting down notes after each house helps keep them all straight.)

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