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From Big/Little to Best Friends

When Adzona moved to Austin she knew no one. She hoped that by joining Alpha Xi she would gain lifelong friends and an irreplaceable sisterhood. Throughout her life she’s had the same best friend whom she calls her “forever person.” Eventually, the time came to seek out a big sister in Alpha Xi, and Adzona knew she wanted a Big who she could see becoming her best friend.

Enter Angelica– she transferred to UT as a Sophomore (just like Adzona) and was hoping to find community in Alpha Xi. Angelica has four older sisters who have played a huge role in her relationships with her sorority sisters. As she prepared to find her Little she was intimidated.

“I wanted to be ‘her person’ and to help guide her through her college years and help build her first year experience,” Angelica shared.

“The first time I met Angelica was at Zilker Park, and right off the bat we were getting along so well and became close almost immediately,” Adzona says. She and Angelica are both very school driven and value that they have a built-in study buddy in each other. The pair hopes to stay in Austin after college for their careers and both plan on being involved in the sorority as alumnae.

As Adzona becomes a Big, she acknowledges that it will be different from being a Little, but she’s eager to be the support system for her Little that Angelica has been for her.

“I want to think of my Little as my sister,” said Adzona, after she points out that being a good Big isn’t hard, but being a Big as supportive as Angelica is something you have to work for. The family plans on having tons of family dates, especially at new restaurants in Austin.

The family is growing and they can’t wait to welcome the new MC ‘21 girls into it!!

Thank you to Adzona Rugovak and Angelica Avila for sharing your Big/Little story!


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