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Meet the Membership Team

Behind every great recruitment is a great Membership Team, and Alpha Xi Delta’s is the best. They work hard to inform Potential New Members about Alpha Xi Delta year-round, as well as analyze all of the information that comes in from potential new members and alumnae like recruitment packets, letters of recommendation, and letters of support. Keep reading to learn more about our team and how each of their positions helps make recruitment a success!

Allyson Horstman

Year: Junior

Position: I am the Membership Vice President, which means I do all the behind-the-scenes work leading up to and during recruitment. I oversee the chapter’s membership selection process, attend Panhellenic recruitment events across the state, and learn about all of the wonderful potential new members we will meet this fall, including handling their letters of recommendation. During recruitment, I work closely with our Recruitment VP, who plans each of the daily events. I can’t wait to meet all of the amazing women coming through recruitment this fall and welcome them to Alpha Xi Delta!

Fun Fact: This summer I spent five weeks in South Africa where I cage dived with sharks, sky dived, and bungee jumped!

Why I Love Alpha Xi: My favorite thing about Alpha Xi is the incredible lessons I’ve learned through our traditions and through my sisters. Alpha Xi has helped me grow so much as a person.

Anna-Leigh Odom

Year: Sophomore

Position: Recruitment 365 (Membership Assistant). I devote my time to assisting Allyson, the Membership VP and the rest of the team. I am responsible for promoting Alpha Xi Delta year-round on campus, around the state, and within other organizations. I am also the officer responsible for planning our legacy tea, “Tea with Xi,” that we hold every Spring. Working as a team with my Xisters has taught me so much about responsibility and the incredible strengths that every girl possesses.

Fun Fact: I use to be a competitive hunter jumper, and my favorite food is frozen raspberries!

Why I Love Alpha Xi: I love the support I have gotten from all of my sisters. Life can be a rollercoaster but it's so much easier when you know your Xisters always have your back! I’m so thankful every single day that these beautiful women are in my life.

Dana Whitten

Year: Junior

Position: My position is Membership Analyst Director. I collect and process the information about our potential new members and distribute it to the chapter. I keep track of all letters of recommendation and keep the behind-the-scenes work moving during recruitment week. I am a whiz at spreadsheets and organization!

Fun Fact: I have a food Instagram that only features different types of bowls, like Acai or Bali! @unbelievabowlz

Why I Love Alpha Xi: My favorite thing is that my best friends are from all over the country and have different perspectives on life, but we all get along well because we’re so close.

Elaina Johnson

Year: Sophomore

Position: My position is Legacy Director. I’m in charge of finding legacies of Alpha Xi Delta and making sure they receive a warm welcome into the home they could potentially share with family members!

Fun Fact: I’m a legacy myself; my grandmother was an AXiD at Syracuse University, PC ’64.

Why I Love Alpha Xi: I love that our chapter is so open and welcoming. No matter where our sisters are from, what we want to do in life, or our different personal quirks, the love that goes around is never lacking. I’ve found my best friend and so many other close sisters that I cannot imagine life without. I’m truly blessed to wear our letters and showcase them proudly because of the family they represent.

Amelia Brown

Year: Junior

Position: I'm the Austin City Lead. I'm in charge of letting girls in the Austin area know what an amazing sisterhood we have at Alpha Xi Delta! I oversee a team of sisters in the city, staff our orientation table every week, and run the summer operations.

Fun Fact: I'm a group exercise instructor at UT and am obsessed with SoulCycle!

Why I Love Alpha Xi: When I was going through some hard times at the beginning of my sophomore year, my sisters were there to support me and help me make it through. I have found my best friends in this sorority, and I know that my college experience wouldn't be the same without Alpha Xi. XOXI!

Riley Weeks

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Dallas City Lead. I am in charge of letting all of the women in the Dallas area know that Texas Alpha Xi Delta is amaXing. I oversee a team of sisters all over DFW and work closely with alums to find our new Baby Xis!

Fun Fact: I have dual citizenship and am half British. I spend most of my summers there with family.

Why I Love Alpha Xi: I found my future Maid of Honor and best friend. I couldn’t have been more blessed to meet such fun and caring sisters.

Megan Callahan

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Houston City Lead. I’m in charge of learning everything there is to know about Houston potential new members and making them feel at home when they walk through Alpha Xi Delta’s doors. I had the opportunity to attend several alumnae Panhellenic events this spring in the greater Houston area. One of my favorites was the Montgomery County “Meet the Greeks” event, where I got to meet some amazing women and answer their questions about recruitment. It was so awesome to see the community take off their letters and answer questions as one unified Panhellenic group.

Fun Fact: I’m an Alpha Xi Delta Legacy!

Why I Love Alpha Xi: There are so many different girls in Alpha Xi, but we all fit together SO WELL, and we always have the best time together. Being with my sisters makes me incredibly happy.

Jordan Mendez

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the San Antonio City Lead. I oversee a team of sisters that learns all about our San Antonio potential new members. We work closely with alums in the area just like all of the other city leads. I can’t wait to welcome all of our San Antonio Baby Xi’s this fall!

Fun Fact: I work for the Texas Football Nutrition Staff, fueling our boys for a winning season this fall!

Why I Love Alpha Xi: I always feel at home with every single sister, and they encourage me to grow in every aspect of my life!

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