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Jillian Malone: Entertainment Reporter in the Making

Hi guys! My name is Jillian Malone, PC ‘14. I am from Austin, the greatest city in Texas, which y’all obviously agree with since you made the decision to spend at least four years of your life in it! I absolutely love being able to call Austin home because of the amazing opportunities (and breakfast tacos) it has given me.

While I love spending as much time as possible trying out every new food truck and hanging around Zilker Park with friends, if you know me, you know my future career always has me on the move and exploring new cities! I am pursuing a degree in journalism, along with a global business foundations certificate and a concentration in radio-television-film. My goal is to work in the television industry as an entertainment reporter after I graduate in May. I can’t believe that time is almost here!

I first fell in love with the entertainment industry in high school when my friend invited me to the 21 Jump Street premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival. I was just in awe at all of the cameras, lights and reporters lined up on the red carpet. The adrenaline I felt and the smile that I couldn’t wipe from my face after meeting Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were a sure sign that I had found something I loved! However, I never would’ve guessed at the time that in just two, short years, I would be the interviewer on the red carpet at the same film festival.

I started volunteering for Sneak Peek, an entertainment news show that airs on Texas Student Television, during my first semester of college. The show, which I now produce, quickly became a part of me and allowed me to have experiences I’ll never forget. Jake Gyllenhaal once ate my peanut M&Ms. Bill Nye let me be an Honorary Science Guy. Tim Burton hugged me and called me a sweetie. I saw the beauty that is Ryan Gosling with my own eyes.

I love having a piece of Alpha Xi with me when I’m tackling new adventures. One of my favorite moments in my journalism career so far is traveling Down Under to report on Australian wildlife with one of my sorority sisters, Gaby! The memories we created while snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, cuddling koalas and taking selfies with kangaroos will never be forgotten. I feel so fortunate to have had a sister with me to binge-watch bad Aussie reality TV, encourage me to stuff my face with Tim-Tams (the yummiest Australian cookies) and to be my home away from home when we were so far away.

But it doesn't stop there! Right now, I’m writing to you from the Big Apple! I’ve spent this summer exploring the big city and interning for my dream company, NBCUniversal. I must say that walking into 30 Rock each day makes me feel like I’m Liz Lemon (but let’s be honest, I’m probably more of a Kenneth). One of the coolest parts of my job is that I get to share my building with our former chapter president, Cristina, who just moved to New York to work for Deloitte. I absolutely love that no matter where you go, a piece of Alpha Xi always seems to find its way with you! While I’m not quite ready to give up my new favorite bagel and pizza spots up here in New York, I can’t wait to come back home to spend time with my sisters, especially all of our amazing new members!



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