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Exec Exclusive: Viv Martinez

Hey there! My name is Viv Martinez, and I serve as the Finance and Operations Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta! You might wonder, "what exactly does it mean to be VP of Finance and Operations?" First, I am in charge of all financial matters of the chapter, such as the yearly budget and member dues. Secondly, I take care of all things operational, like keeping records and managing chapter bylaws. Most of this work is done “backstage,” but it is extremely important to the chapter and its well being. One of my favorite things about my position is how closely I am able to work with every other member of the executive board. Whether it is planning social events, Alumnae or Parents' Weekend, or just helping keep the budget balanced, I am always working with my sisters.

When I’m not doing F&O things, you can find me on the 6th floor of PCL or in the ECJ learning lab. I am a sophomore Architectural Engineering major, and I tend to spend most of my time keeping up with my school work! Although balancing sorority life and a full course load can at times be challenging, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have both. Attending The University of Texas at Austin has made me a better student, and being a sister of Alpha Xi Delta has made ultimately made me a better person. I look forward to the years ahead with my fellow Xi’s, I know they will be some of the best!



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