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Exec Exclusive: Allyson Horstman

Hey everyone! My name is Allyson Horstman and I am the Membership Vice President here at Alpha Xi! I am in charge of a lot of the action behind the scenes that couples with recruitment as we work to find the best new members for our chapter. My membership team and I go through hundreds of recommendation letters from our amazing alumnae. Also, my city leads and I travel to many local Panhellenic events in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin to explain the recruitment process to potential new members.

Going through the formal recruitment process meant so much to me because it led me to my home at Alpha Xi. Being a member of Alpha Xi has given me the best experiences of my college career and sisters to be there for me in every scenario. Living in the house last year was by far and away the most fun I have had with my sisters. I never had to do anything alone because all I had to do was yell down the hallway and someone would be willing to grab food or go somewhere with me. As the Membership VP I get to give back to the sorority that gave me so much through helping our chapter grow by bringing a new pledge class home to Alpha Xi.

Here’s a little about me! I am sophomore Public Health major in the College of Natural Sciences, and my major concentration is Health Policy and Management. I hope to someday go into the Peace Corps to promote public health in third world countries. I will be heading off to South Africa this summer to take humanities classes, have exciting adventures, and even get to spend a week in a township o better understand what life is like for its residents. Along with being a member of Alpha Xi Delta, I am a member of the Texas Public Health club and a proud member of the Texas Disney Club- because who wouldn’t want to watch Disney movies and participate in Disney sing alongs? I am so grateful for my sisters, the support they give me constantly, and the opportunity they have given me to grow our chapter through membership!



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