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"From 'Mom' to 'Sister'" by Megan Callahan

My first year as a member of Alpha Xi Delta has definitely been one to remember. I participated in Taco Xi, our biannual all-you-can-eat taco philanthropy event benefiting Autism Speaks, rock climbing adventures, and even a makeover event at our house hosted by Bare Minerals and Cosmo magazine! But what made each of these events so special were the girls who were there to enjoy them with me. They are the kindest and most gracious women I have ever met. The second I opened my bid card, I not only gained a huge group of amazing sisters here at UT, but I became a part of a national sisterhood.

To me, being an Alpha Xi is so much more than just being a member of an organization at UT because it has made me so much closer to my mother. My mom pledged Alpha Xi Delta during her undergraduate career at Texas State University. I grew up hearing about the lifelong friends she had made and the values that Alpha Xi Delta had instilled in her. Sharing this common sisterhood with my mother has been an amazing bonding experience for us. Since she is an Alpha Xi Delta alum, my mother has been able to attend many of the sorority events, including Initiation. It was so special that she was able to participate in my joining the organization she held so close to her heart during her time in college.

She has now passed the torch - or quill, if you will - along to me. It is time for me to make amazing memories and lifelong friends, and - someday - raise my daughter with the values I'm learning from Alpha Xi Delta.



PC '16

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