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Alpha Xis Overseas: Elizabeth Eichman


My name is Elizabeth Eichman, and I am junior honors in advanced nutritional sciences major. I recently returned from a study abroad program in Italy, where I studied nutrition and ate my way through Sicily! The food there was absolutely amazing and so fresh! There was a farmers' market nearby that was open every morning, and boy did I take advantage of everything it had to offer! I enjoy cooking so much, and I believe the quality of the fresh produce in Italy made everything I cooked taste ten times better. Other than cooking and eating tons of great meals, I also enjoyed about a thousand pounds of gelato and cannolis (no shame)!

The six weeks I spent abroad were jam packed amazing adventures, and I learned so much about the Italian culture and lifestyle. We had one free long weekend to travel wherever we wanted, and I chose to travel to Budapest for a change of scenery. I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful Hungary was! Without a doubt, it is my favorite place I have ever traveled.


I am absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to study abroad in such an amazing place and was so sad to say goodbye to my temporary home, but I cannot wait for school to start so I can reunite with all of my Xisters!! I'm excited to share stories of my travels, and maybe even some recipes too! I know a lot of other Xisters studied abroad this summer and I'm so interested to hear how their trips went. Now I'm on the hunt for yummy gelato in Austin, and I know I can always find a sister to join me!

Arrivederci & Hook 'em!


PC '15

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