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Meet the Recruitment Team

We are only a week away from Formal Recruitment, and Alpha Xi Delta could not be more excited! We cannot wait to meet all the Potential New Members (PNMs) and tell them about everything that makes our sisterhood so amazing. Meet the team that is responsible for making Recruitment a great experience for all.

Kaity Sheppard

Year: Junior

Position: I am the Vice President of Recruitment. I plan and organize Work Week and Recruitment for the chapter. I oversee the Recruitment Team, which makes sure that we are ready to showcase the women of our chapter and everything Alpha Xi represents to the potential new members.

Fun Fact: I plan on moving to the UAE after graduation.

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: It introduced me to my long lost twin and best friend, Cami.

Megan Callahan

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Recruitment Assistant. I help the Vice President of Recruitment make the week the best it can be. This includes helping plan each day’s outfit, helping oversee the day chairs' plans, and writing thank you letters to each alum that sends in a letter of recommendation for each PNM.

Fun Fact: I’m an Alpha Xi Delta Legacy!

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: I am grateful to have loving, genuine sisters that I can turn to for literally ANYTHING.

Mel Mavor

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Open House Day Chair. This means I am in charge of the plans for the first two days of recruitment, including the decorations and details to help the day flow.

Fun Fact: I am a Young Life leader.

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: I can honestly say I have met the girls I will be friends with forever because of Alpha Xi.

Ava Gates

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Philanthropy Day Chair. I planned and designed the day to best showcase what our philanthropy, Autism Speaks, means to us.

Fun Fact: I was once voted "best person to survive on a deserted island with."

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: I appreciate how genuine and unique every woman is in Alpha Xi. Each of us is different, but we are always able to find a common connection or interest. I wouldn't trade these girls for anything.

Danielle Hall

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Sisterhood Day Chair. I had the pleasure of creating and organizing the day, including choosing decor and activities, that shows how much my sisters mean to me.

Fun Fact: I am trilingual and love crossing up people on the basketball court.

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: THE GIRLS! I can count on these girls to have my back no matter what. I've definitely made lifelong friends.

Georgia Pattee

Year: Sophomore

Position: I am the Preference Night Chair. I plan the details for the night before PNMs find their new homes for the next four years!

Fun Fact: I am a scuba diving instructor!

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: Starting college can be difficult or lonely at times. Alpha Xi eased the transition and became my home away from home. I always have somewhere to go to laugh, to cry, or just to relax.

Camila Olarte

Year: Senior

Position: I am the Bid Day Chair. That means I'm responsible for all of the goodies and fun new members will have on Bid Day. Bid Day is the best day!

Fun Fact: I was born in Colombia.

Favorite Part of Alpha Xi: My beautiful sisters <3

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