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Formal Recruitment: Philanthropy

Hi! My name is Ava Gates and I will be a sophomore this fall. I am from Round Rock, Texas, and yes - in case you're wondering - there is actually a round rock that it was named after. This year I have the privilege to be the Philanthropy Day Chair!

Philanthropy is such a huge part of what Alpha Xi Delta is, and it means so much to all of our members. Nationally, Alpha Xi Delta's philanthropy is Autism Speaks. Every year we raise money through events like Taco Xi, Football FrenXi and the Autism Speaks signature walk- awesome events that get the whole university and city involved and help to increase understanding and acceptance for autism! In addition to our fundraising efforts, members also participate in hands-on volunteering with the local autism community. Having a hands-on connection is important because there is always more to learn and understand about autism. I love that our chapter supports the autism community in Austin any way we can.

On Philanthropy Day, you'll watch a video about Alpha Xi Delta and our partnership with Autism Speaks, and we'll play a game and complete a craft to raise awareness and create useable learning tools. While the game may be intended to teach and promote awareness, my competitive nature may come out and I hope yours does too! You should expect a lot of hands-on activities and group conversation. We love when PNMs share their own volunteering stories during recruitment because it helps us get a sense of your passions and where you would love to volunteer in the future. We can't wait to share our dedication to philanthropy with you!



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