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Formal Recruitment: Preference

Hey there! My name is Georgia Pattee, and I am a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. I am studying to become a physician’s assistant with a specialty in neonatal care, and I am so ecstatic to see girls return for Preference Night.

As Pref Night Day Chair, I am in charge of everything from the food you will eat, to the general structure of what we have planned for entertainment. This night holds a very special place in my heart because it was this exact night when I fell in love with Alpha Xi and the girls of the chapter.

What should you expect? Well, unlike many of the other recruitment days, Preference Night is very formal. Everyone wears black, we sing songs that generations of sisters before us also sung, and most importantly, you will get to a deeper and more meaningful conversation with the girl you are paired with. You will hear all about the Alpha Xi Delta Symphony (so much more than just a motto) and our symbol the pink rose, and you'll even get to hear a reading of a surprise letter that one girl in the chapter has written to another girl. It is one of the very special parts of this night, not only because it is a surprise to everyone in the chapter, but also because it could be from Big to Little, from younger sister to older sister, or from best friend to best friend. We are so excited for Preference Night, and I hope you are too.




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