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ISpy: Kristina Tubera

 Here at Alpha Xi, we are so proud of how active our sisters are throughout campus in different organizations, through volunteering, research, IM sports and internships. That is why we’ve decided to highlight the boss babes we’re so proud of in a regular blog series we like to call “I Spy.” Keep reading below to read more about this week’s featured sister! 

Name: Kristina Tubera, PC ‘17

Major: Management Information Systems

Where did you intern? I was a liaison between internal clients and software engineers for Bank of America.

What was something new that you learned?

I learned that you have to believe in yourself and have confidence. Uncertainty and weakness is something often assumed for a new hire because of lack of experience. But an easy hack is to do your research on the projects you’ll do and company itself, which will help you speak with more confidence. I promise it will make all the difference in whether you are seen as an equal or not! As they say, fake it ‘til you make it!

How was it living in New York City for the summer?

NYC is way more expensive than Austin. But I loved the fast-paced lifestyle, the trendy nature of the city, and all the new opportunities and places I got to explore.

Favorite Spot in NYC?

Top of the Conrad- it’s a hotel in New York City with a killer rooftop view!

Did you do anything special to calm first day of work jitters?

Honestly, putting on lipstick makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

What’s a good interview tip you have?

Be yourself! Most companies are not looking for the smartest, they're looking for someone who is a good fit.

What’s your go to office outfit?

I always try to express my femininity in my business outfit. My go to is nude leather heels, a tan high neck dress, and a simple black blazer.

Do you plan to do something similar when you graduate?

Yes! I will be working for Goldman Sachs in NYC starting in August.

(side note: Our jaw dropped when we heard about this too… You go Kristina!!)

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