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Galentine's Day

We all know Valentine’s Day is February 14th, but if you ask us, we prefer February 13th… which is Galentine’s Day, of course! A day to celebrate the wonderful gals in our lives and all the ways they are awesome. Galentine’s Day is serious business at Alpha Xi Delta… check out some of our own Xisters’ Galentines below!

“Hands-down I choose Jillian Grisko and Megan Callahan (PC ’16). My ladies have helped me through so much over the past few months and I don't know where I would be without them. I'm beyond grateful to have these caring sisters in my life. Love you both more than you know.” -Elaina Johnson PC ’16

“I pick Jan Wilson (PC ’17)! Not only is she my venting buddy but she is also a great advice giver. I know she always has my back and I just love her so much!!” -Brittany Ballou PC ’17

“My Galentine is Camila Olarte (PC ’15). Cami is intelligent, trustworthy, kind-hearted and everything you could want in a roommate. She always keeps me informed about current events, politics and much more! Thanks for being amazing Cam.” -Vanessa Stewart PC ’15

“My Galentine is Sierra Ganske (PC ’17)… and her weenie dog Gracie!” - Megan Owens PC ’17

“My Galentine is Amulya Gaddam (PC ’17). She is driven, fun, beautiful and smart all at the same time! Thanks for always making me laugh. I'm so proud to be your sister.” -Alison Welch PC ’17

“Sydnee Brown (PC ’16), Peyton Schard (PC ’16) and Brooke Davey (PC ’17) are all my Galentines because I know they will always have my back and provide me with plenty of reasons to laugh.” -Monica Weedman PC ’16

“She’s my roommate, little and now Galentine. Peyton Schard (PC ’16) this one’s for you!! I have loved being your roommate this year and have loved being your big even more! I don’t know what I would do without your beautiful singing voice, funny stories and constant love and support. Love you Peyton.” -Kiannah Lagunas PC ’15

“My Galentine is Sydney Dodson (PC ’17) because she has taught me how to be a hard worker, helps me through tough times and is just easy to talk to her about anything and everything. Here’s to being my inspiration and Alpha Xi idol. I love you Sydney!” - Amulya Gaddam PC ’17

“Ava Gates (PC ’16 and aspiring dentist). There is no one more fun to do absolutely nothing with! Meeting you this year has been like meeting another me... except you’re into teeth instead of math.” -Ryan Coffman PC ’17

“Megan Owens (PC ’17) is killing it as our Orders Chair… and in my unbiased opinion as my little/Galentine as well!” -Jordan Mendez PC ’16

“I choose Morgan Nix (PC ’17). When watching sad movies she doesn’t cry because one of us has to remain strong. If I ever go viral she’ll be the first one to Snapchat it- for documentation purposes. I can count on her to be my personal bodyguard which has really saved me a lot of money in college tbh. And on a serious note, she will always remain my go to gal and trusted cat sitter.” -Hannah Przybilla PC ’17

“I’m going to go with Megan Melvin (PC ’17) because she’s always up for a good time! She cares greatly about her friends and will stick up for her sisters. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.” -Miranda Ortiz PC ’17

“My Galentine is Dana Whitten (PC ’15)! I miss my bestie/roomie so much. She is one of the most selfless gals I know and I am so grateful to Alpha Xi for bringing her into my life. I cannot wait to see her in a few short days in Australia so we can make even more memories as we study abroad. Let the adventure begin! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!” -Alaina Graham PC ’15

“Alison Welch (PC ’17). I can always count on her during times of fun or of need. She’s lived up to every expectation for her superlative Most Likely to Bring You Brownies. She’s the embodiment of Little Miss Sunshine and is just as cheesy as I am when it comes to self-love. And most importantly, if you ever want a free class at Sunstone Yoga (or even the Chapter Room) she’s your girl!” -Yumna Khan PC ’16

“Kelsey Simpson (PC ’16). She’s loyal, smart, fun, has the cool girl vibe to a tee and is a total babe!” -Noelle Henry PC ’16

“Aside from Lauren Schweers and I being each other’s Galentine every year (surprise surpise) I’m going to go with Cora Bollinger Block (PC ’1893). She is my icon and a true queen. Thank you for founding Alpha Xi and giving me ALL my Galentines.” -Rachel Nutter PC ’14


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