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Meet the Exec: Chapter Life VP

Getting to Know You

Name and PC: Mollie Becker PC' 16

Major: International Relations & Global Studies

Hometown: Friendswood, Texas

My Dream Event To Plan: The Royal Wedding!

Would You Rather… “Take a random date to all date events all year or the same date?”: Take the same date. I may be a little biased because I have a boyfriend.

As a Musical and Play Junkie My Favorite is: Either Modern Millie or Hairspray—I can’t decide! I’ve been in both twice and they’re both extremely fun to dance in!

TV Show You Are Currently Obsessed with: I am always obsessed with Friends. I’ve watched it all the way through ten times!

Something I’m Addicted to is: Planning everything and anything. I use three different kinds of planners: my Day Designer, Google Calendar and my hanging wall calendar! (sidenote: Can you tell we picked a solid Chapter Life VP?) My planner comes everywhere with me and in my “spare” time I think of different things that I can either plan for myself or my friends. For example, I may or may not have planned a Batman themed birthday party recently.

Fun Fact: I have been to 13 different countries!

If I Could Describe Alpha Xi Women in One Word: Involved. These girls are not only involved in the sorority but also in so many different organizations and activities both on and off campus! I always love hearing about what our girls are up to during our new business section at the end of chapter meetings!

What I’m Most Excited for Alpha Xi in 2018: Getting the chance to plan fun and unexpected events for the chapter! I can’t wait to add a fun twist to each of the events we host every semester and to create some new ones that we can continue to do each year in the future.

Letter from Chapter Life VP

Growing up I went to a small all-girls high school and became used to the constant love and support that can bring. When I got into UT I knew I wanted to experience that same feeling—a home away from home. Fast forward to going through formal recruitment and—spoiler alert—finding that forever home! It was a true modern-day college girl fairytale. Now I’m not going to lie, recruitment was tough at times. I was the first to go through recruitment in my family and the process can be overwhelming. But it all becomes worthwhile as you form connections with the girls you meet both inside and outside the houses. The Alpha Xi Delta house gave me that homey feel I was searching for from day one of Open House. I felt understood here, and I knew this was a house I would love to be a part of. Two years later, that feeling hasn’t changed.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love to plan events. Like every emphasis you could possibly put on the word love. My best friend and I joke all the time about opening an event planning business together later in life, and through Alpha Xi, I was able to kickstart my event planning dream. Last year as a new member, I got to work a council position in Chapter Life. Karen De La Cruz, the previous Chapter Life VP, graciously took me under her wing and allowed me to be really involved with planning the events throughout the year. This solidified what I already knew… I wanted to become the next Chapter Life VP!

So here I am and I am so excited to convey my love for this sisterhood through planning bomb events. Last fall, we held our chapter retreat at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and it was a blast! It was two of my favorite things—scary roller coasters and Halloween decor. It was so great to do something I love and rarely get to do with my best friends. That is the legacy I’m trying to preserve moving forward.

This month we had our MarXi Gras Date event downtown. With the help of my amazing team, we planned a night filled with dancing, a live jazz band and a TON of beads. My goal was to revamp our typical date event and show the chapter something they had never seen before. Based on the feedback we got, I think we definitely achieved that goal!

Last year before initiation, my now-roommate and best friend, Ashley Donovan, called me crying to tell me how much she loved me and how happy she was that we were finally becoming official sisters. I think that really cemented the feeling that Alpha Xi was the best choice for me, and how happy I am that these girls chose me to be a part of their sisterhood. I can’t wait to plan more events that make those lasting memories for each of our sisters. And to the PNM reading this, also showing you a glimpse into a what a great sisterhood is like, too.

With All Xi Love,

Mollie Becker PC' 16

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