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Happy Galentine's Day!

It's the best day of the year! Happy Galentine's Day to all our favorite ladies. Below, our sisters shared a little bit about their favorite galentine!

"Elizabeth Camp is the best big a girl can ask for!! She's always there for me even when my problems are as simple as what outfit to wear. She makes me laugh like no one else can and can turn any of my bad days into good days. I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Ilysm biggie!!!" - Alyssa Denaro PC 16

"Rachel Nutter is my ~galentine~ because we are actually inseparable and she's my best friend and she's the only person I know that's always down to eat cheese and drink wine and try new foods and make travel plans and everything else that we do because I don't know if there's ever a day when we don't do something together and also we're gonna live together forever" - Lauren Schweers PC 14

"Sydnee Brown is always there for me to complain to and drive 30 minutes to get ice cream with! Love her to pieces." - Monica Weedman PC 16

"Giovanna McMahon is the most beautiful wonderful person I've ever met, she's doing A+ stuff while she's abroad in Spain and I miss her so much! She's always there for me when I need anything (even in different time zones!)" - Taylor Malatek PC 15

"Carolyn Ramirez has been one of my best friends for years now, from living in the house together to traveling in Scotland this past semester. Love you so much girl and congrats on getting into PhD programs 💕" - Kirsten Brown PC 13

"Amelia Brown because she loves me unconditionally and puts up with all of my emotions and needy self. She truly is my best friend and I wouldn't have met her if it wasn't for Alpha Xi. I thank God every day for her!" - Vanessa Stewart PC 15

"Alaina Graham is always there to laugh, sing, dance, and cry with me. She's not only a great roommate, but also a best friend. I'm never bored when I'm with Alaina and so happy she's my galentine!" - Dana Whitten PC 15

"Sabrina Stephens is amazing and has become a huge role in my life including a Netflix buddy, makeup expert, dinner date, relationship advisor, and fashion expert. She would never let me go out or stay in by myself. I love this girl and she is my Galentine!" - Ali Brown

"Kirsten Brown is one of the most awesome people I'll ever know and I'm so glad to have met her when becoming an Alpha Xi. Love her to the moon and back and I know she'll always be my sister." - Kate Korchek PC 13

"I feel like me and Kaity Sheppard are practically the same person sometimes. Thanks for letting me drag you out with me all the time, or that one time you tried to hold back your laughter when I wouldn't stop crying about the documentary of the Lady Penguin that cheated on her Man Penguin. You listen to all my drama even when it gets super repetitive and annoying and that means a lot. You're turning me into a night owl more quickly than I'd like, but it's okay because we've had some interesting adventures between the times of 2 and 5 AM. We've only been close for a little while now, but I already know how special you are in my life. I wouldn't have gotten through recruitment without you mushing by my side or through Fall Finals without you silently studying by my side. Thanks for dragging me out to the Women's March and to half the other things you've dragged me to. Happy Galentine's. Here's to the best semester yet! <3"' -Cami Olarte PC 15

"Kristina Tubera is my galentine because she's the best! The sweetest person you will ever meet." - Kelly Mullins PC 15

"Mollie Becker is my Galentine because she is my future roommate, closest friend at school, and the love of my life. This girl never fails to make me laugh or cheer me up. She is a ray of sunshine and a ball of energy. She is sometimes really weird but its important for your Galentine to keep you on your toes." -Ashley Donovan PC 16

"Dana Misasi because she's my long time best friend❤" - Kayla Farrell PC 15

"Christina Maldonado because she is the best big a girl could've landed!" - Jordan Mendez PC 16

"Meg Meneses! She's my new study buddy and we have been having so much fun so far! She gets the bio struggle and our Thursday study dates have been holding me accountable! She's sweet, funny, and thoughtful! I'm so glad she's my xister!!" - Alis Louviere PC 16

"Dana Whitten is my ~galentine~ because she's one of my best people I have ever met. She is so cute and fun and everything I could ever want from a sister and best friend!! I can't imagine my life without our constant laughs and smoothie dates :-)" - Kiannah Lagunas PC15

"Laura Winikka! Because she rocks my socks off as a friend and roommate... She works so hard to better our chapter with every single philanthropy event, she doesn't make fun of my dancing, and she laughs at my jokes. Need I say more? I love you Laura!!" - Chelsea Perry PC 15

Two for you Ava Gates. You go Ava Gates!!

"Ava Gates is my Galentine's because she listens to me vent about my life and isn't judgmental about it but is understanding and willing to motivate me in a new better direction!" - Audrei Garces PC 16

"Ava because she's my best friend and has gone above and beyond for me in everything." - Elaina Johnson PC 16

Happy Galentine's Day from Texas Alpha Xi to you!

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