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"Xi Love" by Hannah Przybilla

When I was asked to write about what being an Alpha Xi Delta means to me, of course certain words popped into my head, but one that stuck out the most is sisterhood. I know that the basic sorority answer is “sisterhood” for just about anything, and I even once thought that before I joined Greek life. However, once I joined Alpha Xi, I truly realized what sisterhood is.

Sisterhood is deciding to have Christmas in October with your sisters because they know you’re stressed with school, complete with baking cookies in tacky sweaters and blaring Christmas tunes. (Merry Christmas Allyson, Chelsea, Morg and so many others!!)

Sisterhood is when your big shows up at your front door with Kerby Lane queso the night before recruitment starts to help calm your nerves and get in some good laughs before a long week! (Forever obsessed with you Siara!)

Sisterhood is sitting in the PCL sick preparing for an exam, and having a sister show up with your favorite drink and a darn good pep talk. (The drink was even soy! Shout out to you Gabs!)

Sisterhood is taking a little and knowing you will love this person and be there for her in every way possible during their time on the 40 Acres and forever after that. (I love you Mary!!)

Sisterhood is driving 413 miles just for a hug from your best friends during the summer because three months apart is just wildly too long to not be in the same zip code. (Love you long time Morgs, Syd, Amyula and Allison ~PC ’17 forever~)

Sisterhood is the giant dance party with crowd surfing and chair standing on the last night of Recruitment after the doors close. (This one goes out to the whole chapter!)

Sisterhood is still loving each other even if they're a Spurs fan. (YUMNA THIS ONES FOR YOU)

Sisterhood is going through the Chick-fil-A line at 11pm because you're just dying for an Oreo milkshake, and seeing the employee's surprised face in the window when you roll up wearing green face masks. (Vote Sam and Shelby for best Big/Little duo!!)

From my short time at the University of Texas, I’ve learned many things. Sometimes life is fun, sometimes its really tough, and sometimes it throws curve balls- but one thing that has stayed constant is knowing my sisters will be there through it all. Through the highs and lows, through thick and thin, their love and support never wavers. 2508 Rio Grande will always be my home and I am so proud to be apart of the Alpha Xi Delta sisterhood.

Be Kind, Be Bold, Be TFJ,


PC Spring '17

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