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"From Overseas to Alpha Xi" by Noelle Henry

Hi, my name is Noelle, and I'm a sophomore at UT who’s still trying to figure out what path to take and what major to declare. I’ve lived in England ever since I was ten years old, and I came to UT because I knew I wanted to go to school in the United States and experience something new. I wanted to see the football games, live on an awesome college campus and experience Greek life, which was completely unfamiliar to me when I arrived. To me, the Texas heat was also another perk because it would be a serious change from the typical cold, wet weather in England!

To be completely honest, I was scared about moving to Texas, and all through the summer prior to the move, I simply tried to forget that it was even happening. I feared being so far from home. I kept thinking I hadn’t really thought about the time difference, the long flights home and how isolated I would be from my family when I decided to go to UT. When I finally arrived in Texas, I immediately began the recruitment process. I was jet-lagged and confused, and the whole week really felt like a rush. While I was going through recruitment, my family was helping me move into my dorm and making sure I was adjusting. They left the day before Bid Day, and saying goodbye was one of the hardest things that I had to do. I was in tears, but I was optimistic because I knew that the next day I would be surrounded by my new sisters.

When I joined Alpha Xi Delta, I felt like I found my home. I experienced my first football games with my sisters, and they also took me tailgating for the first time. I made some of my best friends in Alpha Xi, and one of them even flew to England at the beginning of summer to stay with me for a couple of weeks! I’ve experienced just about everything new with my Alpha Xi girls, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love being at UT, where everyone is passionate about their studies, football and school spirit. I love being in Alpha Xi Delta where I feel supported and cherished by my sisters. I may still miss home and my family, but it helps that I’m going to an amazing school and am surrounded by even more amazing people.

Hook ‘em,


PC ‘16

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