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Hook 'em Horns!! from Sydney and Jordan

Hi! My name is Sydney Dodson and I am an Applied Movement Science, Pre-Physical Therapy student from Frisco, Texas.

And my name is Jordan Mendez, and I'm a Health Promotion, Health Communication student from Marion, Texas.

We will both graduate in Spring 2020, and we have the privilege of working together as interns for Texas Football Performance Nutrition.

Jordan and I bonded over two things when we first became friends (even before we were sisters): fitness and nutrition. I remember being extremely happy when I found out we were both going to work as Texas Performance Nutrition interns. On the first day we toured the facility with our boss, it was comforting to have a sister there, not only to stare in awe at the immensity of the building (because Texas Football is also something we both love so deeply), but also to have someone familiar along for the same ride, which made everything a little less overwhelming. As time went on, the nerves and jitters of working with such a high profile team diminished, but it was nice having Jordan there to hold me accountable for waking up for those harsh 5 a.m. shifts and laugh with me when I made mistakes from which I would learn a lot. Also, having a partner that I could count on at work didn’t go unnoticed, as everyone could tell we shared a strong bond.

One of my favorite memories from the past year with Texas Performance Nutrition happened one particularly rough morning shift. It was our third 5 a.m. shift that week, and we were pretty out of it while preparing recovery smoothies. So much so, that instead of pouring the cherry juice into the blender with the rest of the ingredients, Sydney poured the entire juice right into the trash while I watched. We laughed for about 10 minutes straight, and that laughter made being up before the sun a little bit more bearable. Having the opportunity to support our Horns and get to do it with a sister is something that I could never be thankful enough for!

Hook ‘em!

Sydney and Jordan

PC 17/16

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