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Meet the Exec: Finance VP

Getting to Know You

Name and PC: Kathy Navarette PC' 16

Major: Business, Finance

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

I Could Go Broke Buying: SHOES!

“This Spring Break I…”: Spent way too many hours in the car and not enough at the beach.

My Top Three Things to Do in Austin are: Get s’mores at Halcyon, run at Lady Bird Lake and take advantage of all the live music around town!

One Thing on my Bucket List is: Wait in line at the famous Franklin’s BBQ!

My Go-To Song to Jam to in the Car is: Drive All Night by NEEDTOBREATHE

My Celebrity Spirit Animal is: Kristen Bell

A TV Show I Could Live In is: The Office FOR SURE.

My College Advice is to: Make hilarious memories and also drink a lot of coffee.

Something I’m Addicted to is: Popcorn.

Fun Fact: One time a bird tried to nest in my hair.

If I Could Describe Alpha Xi Women in One Word: Eclectic! There is so much diversity and I can find people who are into almost anything. It’s great to see women with different passions and goals and the most creative and fun hobbies!

What I’m Most Excited for Alpha Xi in 2018: I’m excited to continue serving with the rest of exec and meeting our new babies in the fall!

Q & A from VP Finance

Why did you decide to go Greek?

I went Greek because I was looking for a smaller group to be a part of within the UT community. I wanted to meet people who were driven, smart, fun and looking for the same things I was! UT Greek life made this big city and school seem a little smaller.

How was recruitment?

Recruitment was all kinds of things. It was exciting, fun, stressful, overwhelming- all of the emotions. It is a crazy experience and as the first thing you do before college even starts, it can be pretty overwhelming. However, I wouldn’t trade my recruitment experience for anything! It led me to my best friends and an amazing group of women. Running home to Alpha Xi is one of my first memories of UT and also one of my favorites.   

Any recruitment advice?

Make friends with your group! You may end up in the same house or different ones, but either will be cool. You will either have familiar faces running on Bid Day with you or you will have friends in other chapters that you could have classes with, hang out with and even become roommates with. To this day, I still talk to some of the girls I met on the first day of recruitment!

Why Alpha Xi?

Alpha Xi felt like a place I could be myself and I knew there were women here who I could make lasting friendships with. I met my best friend on Bid Day and have gained many more along the way!

What’s one of your favorite memories from becoming an Alpha Xi?

Meeting my big on Bid Day. Back then I didn’t know she would be my big but I am so grateful she is. She and I had so much fun on Bid Night and then afterwards she took me to experience my first late night breakfast at Kerbey Lane! If you haven’t been it’s a true Austin breakfast staple!

Why did you become an exec member?

I joined exec because I wanted to be a part of a group that significantly impacts this chapter. I appreciate everything this chapter has given me so far and I want to do my part to give back and help it continue to grow. Last year, I was the previous Finance VP’s assistant. I enjoyed the work she gave me but wanted to do more. Becoming the Finance VP has allowed me to learn so many things about an area I may one day work in and it has also brought me closer to women with similar goals. My fellow exec members continue to impress and inspire me with the work they do every day. I feel so lucky to get to work with them and help our chapter grow!

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