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Meet the Exec: Philanthropy VP

Getting to Know You

Name and PC: Hannah Przybilla PC' 17

Major: Applied Movement Sciences

Hometown: Richmond, Texas

“I Light It Up Blue for”: L’iars, Emie, London, Lauren and Laken

My Top Brunch Spot in Austin is: Anywhere where my girls are! It’s all about good company. But in all seriousness, Bangers.

One Thing on my Bucket List is: To backpack all across Europe with my gals!

My Go-To Song to Jam to in the Car is: 1, 2 Step by Ciara

My Celebrity Spirit Animal is: Princess Poppy from the movie Trolls

Three Things that Make My Day are: Princess Fiona (as in my cat not the ogre from Shrek), a large Diet Coke and chats with our House Chef Michael!

My Hobbies include: Volunteering... lol bet ya didn’t see that one coming!

My Superpower would be: Eating an ungodly amount of chicken nuggets in one sitting.

Something I’m Proud of is: The work I’ve done and growth I’ve seen in the non-profits I volunteer with!

Something that Makes Me Feel Confident is: When my accessories are on fleek!

A Movie I Could Live In is: High School Musical 3

My Favorite Harry Potter Movie and Character is: Just one?? Ok, I love all the Weasleys but George is my fav!

If I Could Live Anywhere I’ve Traveled for a Year it would be: St. Thomas in the Caribbean!!

My College Advice is: Don’t let a grade define you, but set high expectations, stay humble and learn from your mistakes. Also treat yourself to brunch every chance you get!

My Tagline would be: Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

Something I’m Addicted to is: Diet. Coke.

Fun Fact: People say I have a tall personality.

If I Could Describe Alpha Xi Women in One Word: Vivacious!

What I’m Most Excited for Alpha Xi in 2018: All the new events we have planned and ideas that are coming to life. Shameless plug, but keep a lookout for what the Philanthropy Team has planned!

Q & A from Philanthropy VP

Why did you decide to go Greek?

In high school I didn’t have very many girls as friends. So at first, the idea of instantly becoming sisters with a couple hundred girls didn’t sound like my cup of tea. But I decided to try it anyway and I’m so glad I did! I couldn’t imagine doing college with anyone other than my Alpha Xi ladies!

Any recruitment advice?

Take it day by day. Don’t be nervous because I promise you we’re just as nervous on the other side. Most importantly follow your heart. Don’t set your mind on a house beforehand. Trust the process.

Why Alpha Xi?

I wanted to join a chapter that gave opportunities to be hands-on in the community. Back home, I helped with a non-profit providing support for families who have children on the Autism spectrum. I wanted the opportunity to impact the same community in Austin and Alpha Xi opened that door for me!

What’s one of your favorite memories from becoming an Alpha Xi?

Seeing all my sisters at the house with their friends all come together for our Light It Up Blue kickoff event where we lit our house up blue!  

Why did you become an exec member?

I wanted the opportunity to teach my chapter about Autism through my own experiences and also help create memories and experiences for the chapter through helping our community!

What are you excited to work on as Philanthropy VP?

I’m excited for Light it up Blue this month and to hold two large philanthropy events each semester!

What events should we be on the lookout for this month for Autism Speaks?

Mark your calendars to stop by the Alpha Xi table every Wednesday on the West Mall (blue snow cones… need I say more?) and a joint philanthropy event called Pike Pizza & Baked Xiti with Alpha Xi on April 26!

Lastly tell us your “I Light it Up Blue for…” story.

It all started in high school when I met a girl in my class named L’iar. L’iar was turning 21 and she had this dream of wanting to be a princess, so our class nominated her for the next closest thing—prom queen. Many of us became her prom committee and she ended up winning the whole thing! Because of that experience, I ended up volunteering for a non-profit called Hope for Three in Houston which provides free resources for families and children on the Autism Spectrum. I have met so many families and children and had the opportunity to become close to so many of them through that organization. In fact, they’re like family. This month, I light it up blue for everyone on the spectrum who has changed my life. If there’s one thing I could say to them, it would be I wouldn’t change you for the world but I would change the world for you!

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