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Spring Bid Day

Hey everyone!

With the new semester settling in, we’re excited to announce our Spring Membership Class has been welcomed into Beta Alpha! This past Wednesday, we had five amazing new members find their home. Get to know them below:

Lauren Abel


Hometown: El Paso, TX

Major: Government

“I’m excited to join Alpha Xi because I love all the girls I’ve met so far! I can’t wait to create lifelong connections and be part of such an amazing group of people.”

Meg Crawford


Hometown: Katy, TX

Major: Biology

“I’m super excited to join Alpha Xi and have a new family of supportive sisters that can help me through my journey at UT.”

Annette Cruz


Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Sustainability Studies

“I just transferred to UT and being in a new city can definitely have its challenges, so that’s why I’m excited to be a part of Alpha Xi and the xisterhood.”

Mattie Fisher


Hometown: Thorndale, TX

Major: Religious Studies

“I’m excited about joining Alpha Xi because I can’t wait to make so many new friends who support and encourage each other!”

Sammie Martinez


Hometown: Waco, TX

Major: Government

“I am really excited for the sisterhood events to really bond with the others!!”

We can’t wait to get to know our new Xisters a little better and show them how great our sisterhood is! Each girl brings something unique to our chapter and we are thrilled to expand Alpha Xi with amazing young women like these five.

Pledging Ceremony 2/19/2020

TFJ and welcome home!!

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