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A Note From a Senior

Hey everyone!

After transitioning to online classes, many of the girls in Alpha Xi have been reminiscing on how great this school year has been and how sad we are to see it cut short. Although we didn’t get to partake in our usual World Autism Month philanthropy events and missed out on the last sisterhood events, formal, and the late-night study sessions to cram for finals, we’re making the most of what we do have. The Beta Alpha girls have been supporting each other and sticking together by having zoom movie nights and playing games virtually. This turn of events has affected all of us in different ways, so we reached out to one of our seniors to explain how even though her college experience is ending in an unexpected way, she can focus on what she has gained as both a student at UT and as an Alpha Xi Delta during her time on the Forty Acres.

From Allison Welch (MC ‘17):

The first time I walked into the Alpha Xi Delta house was in January of 2017, the Spring semester of my freshman year, and I was considering accepting an offer — a bid — to join the sorority. I was going to take a tour of the house with an active member and had a lot of mixed feelings: I was excited about the idea of joining a sorority, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice. Would I be comfortable here? Would I make friends?

I was first taken through the front hall and up the main stairs, past composites which would soon be replaced by more current ones — ones that, though I didn’t know it yet, I would be pictured in. We walked past the “Suites” at the front of the house where, it was explained to me, older girls and executive board members live. Little did I know that I would live in one of those rooms my senior year; this was where I would share stories, laugh, cry, vent and watch countless Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes with some of my best friends. We peeked into the study room down the hall where, I was told, chapter members work on projects and study for exams. Little did I know that I would spend hours upon hours in that room cramming for tests, writing papers, and taking practice LSATs.

We walked into the Chapter Room, where a group of girls was hanging around on the couches, laughing and chatting. Little did I know that I, too, would spend hours in that room — attending Chapter Meetings, watching movies on the projector, napping on the comfy couch, and hanging out with friends.

We opened the doors and peered down a seemingly-endless hall which contained the second-floor rooms. At the time, I was hesitant to join a sorority, and I was MUCH more unsure about the idea of living in a sorority house. That day, I never would have imagined that I would spend my junior year living in one of those rooms; that I would befriend girls across and down the hall whom I never would have met otherwise; that I would get ready in the communal bathroom with these friends, jamming to music and doing each other’s makeup. I wouldn’t have believed that, by living in the house, my closet would multiply by 60 and I would never have trouble finding the perfect dress for a date, the best Halloween costume, or the most professional outfit for an interview.

Next, we walked down the stairs and into the dining room area. I could not yet visualize the laughs that would be shared and the stories that would be told over Friday morning brunches and midnight snack excursions.

I accepted my bid shortly after that day of touring the house because even though I did not yet have these experiences and could not grasp the extent to which this sorority would shape my college experience for the absolute best, I had a gut feeling that this was the place for me. That day, I had no idea that Alpha Xi Delta would become my home; that the house would be my safe space during college — during the years I lived there, and even the years when I didn’t. I did not yet know that Alpha Xi Delta would bring me my best friends, my shoulders to cry on, my hype-women, and my future bridesmaids. I grew up with all brothers and always dreamed of having a sister. Now I have hundreds of them and I could not be more thankful.

Looking back on these past (almost) four years, I have nothing but fond memories of my time as an Alpha Xi Delta. From the formals and date events and mixers, to Taco Xi and sisterhood events, to tailgating and cheering on our football team, to dance parties after long days of recruitment, to crying on the floor of a sister’s room because I had a hard day, to Bid Day and Founder’s Day brunch, to big-little reveals and initiation ceremonies — my time here, as a University of Texas student and as an Alpha Xi Delta, has been nothing short of exciting, empowering, and transformative. When I reminisce about my college experience years from now, almost all of the indelible memories that will jump out to me will be tied to Alpha Xi Delta.

Though many of the class of 2020’s “lasts” have been taken from us — our last chapter meeting, our last Taco Xi, our last end of year chapter dinner, our last date event and last formal — I think I speak for all graduating seniors when I say that despite this abrupt ending, we are so grateful for the memories that we were able to make during our time at UT and in this chapter. We will carry with us the values of Alpha Xi Delta — courage, graciousness, and peace — into the next chapter of our lives as we strive to change the world.

Hook 'em and TFJ!

Allison Welch

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